Vegetarian Appetizers


Vegetable Samosa

-$1.25 (1pc)

Paneer Pakora


Samosa Channa Chaat

Two samosas accompanied with Channa (Chickpea) masala , yogurt, and vegetables to garnish. -$10.95 (2 pc)

Chaat Papdi

A famous Indian street food consisting of deep-fried wheat crackers topped with onions, cilantro, mint chutney and yogurt -$8.95

Channa Bhature

A combination of flavorful Channa (Chickpea) masala and two fluffy deep-fried leavened bhatura’s (bread) -$10.95

Soya Chaap

A dish from South Asia made of soya bean that mimics the texture of meat seasoned with Indian spices with mint chutney drizzle -$13.95

(Choose marinade: Tandoori, Kashmiri, Achari or Malai) -

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